VDA training for automotive electronics market
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2019-07-20
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  In order to cultivate a group of internal auditors with professional qualifications in automotive electronics filed, and further enhance the ability to develop the automotive electronics market, so our company invited Mr. Zhaojun Shan who is from the VDA-QMC conducted a training for 20 students from June 10-15.

  During the one-week training, teacher Shan taught some specific terms and assessment rules for students including the industry standard development trend, the special requirements for supply chain from OEM car factory, the audit type, the audit process, the process method, VDA6.3 process audit and VDA6.5 product audit. Through the ways of analysis, practice and exercise, group PK, ask and answer which made the boring course vivid and funny. The students actively interacted with the teacher in the classroom, and discuss about the difficulties and doubts encountered in work with teacher to find out the solution. In the spare time, the students actively finished the homework and combined with the practical work to dig out the improvement, and realized the closed-loop chain of learning: study-practice-apply.

  Through this training, all the students not only understand more about VDA6.3 and VDA6.5, but also feel the emphasis on talent cultivation of our company, and they are so grateful for this professional skill training activity.

  After the training, all the students made the promise that they would apply the knowledge to the practical work, helping our marketing to develop the automotive electronics customers, driving the continuous improvement of the management level. We believe that under the management of our senior leadership, we will be able to build up a trustworthy process management system better and drive Bomin to be the most reliable PCB supplier.