Bomin Electronics showed up at the Wuhan Fair with the New Energy Automotive Electronics
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2019-06-20
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  On May 9th, our company showed up at the 6th China International Automobile Technology Fair held in Wuhan with the superior products in new energy vehicles fields such as battery, electric control and motor, which shows our special process ability of embedded copper and embedded aluminum products and also shows the finished PDU products based on our integrated strong and weak PCB assembly, reflecting our integration ability between the upstream and the downstream industry chain. Many professionals were attracted to stop at our booth and discussed about.

  With the continuous deep integration of IT and the automotive industry, the degree of automotive electronics, intelligence, networking, and sharing has been deepened, and the demand for automotive PCBs has been growing. We seize this development opportunity and focus on 3 systems (motor, battery, electric control) in the field of new energy automotive electronics, aiming to through the "strong and weak integrated special PCB", provide the comprehensive solutions of high integration, systematic and modular for new energy vehicles with support of 3 systems. At this fair we showed lots of scientific and research achievements that we've been working for many years, intending to go deep inside the field of new energy vehicles and actively explore the automotive electronics market.

  At present, our company has already started to cooperate with many famous international auto customers. We will continue to focus on the fields and modules that we are good at, extending the operation concept of "taking customer needs as the core point", and continuously expand and go deep inside the service of automotive electronics industry, strive for our company vision of "to be the most reliable supplier of PCB".