Enterprise Introduction

Bomin Electronics

三分彩彩专家人工计划 www.gracsz.com.cn  Bomin Electronics was founded in the year of 1994, implemented joint-stock system reform in 2011, and publicly listed on A shares in 2015, stock code: 603936. Focusing on high-end PCB production, it integrates design, processing, sales and foreign trade. It has five subsidiaries: Shenzhen Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd.,Bomin Technology (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen Juntian Hengxun Technology Co.,Ltd.and Shenzhen Bloomy Technology Co., Ltd.. It has one sub-subsidiary:Shenzhen Bochuang zhilian Technology Co., Ltd..It has distributors in countries and regions including USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong etc,and is one of China's strongest private PCB manutacturing firm.

 Its featured products include: HDI(high density interconnect) boards, general double-sided, multi-layer, microwave high-frequency, heavy copper, metal base/core and flexible boards, rigid-flex boards etc. The products are widely used in high-technology fields including communication equipments, medical devices,  detection system, aerospace, household electronic products,etc.

Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd.

  Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd.(former name Meizhou Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd.)was established in 2005, and it was publicly listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange with stock code 603936.

  Located at Dongsheng Industrial Park, Economic Development Experimental Zone,  Meizhou city. It covers an area of almost 80-mu, has more than 2, 500 employees; It has double-side factory, multi-layer factory, nomal & high-end HDI factory, and FPC factory and a supporting SMT production line. Thus, it is one of high-end PCB manufacturers with largest scale and most advanced equipments in Meizhou region.

Shenzhen Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd.

  Established in 1994, Shenzhen Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in PCB manufacturer.

  Located at Unit 21&22, Longwangmiao  Industrial  Park, Fuyong  Town, Baoan  District, shenzhen  city, it  has  plant  area  of  10000㎡, which mainly produces pecial circuit boards, metal based, high-frequency boards, high multi-layer thick boards(≤6.0mm), double-sided super-long boards(≤2000mm),strong curent boards and QTA. With the product quality conforming to Anerican IPC, MlL, UL standards, it has also world-classed manufacturing equipment.

Jiangsu Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd.

  Established in 2011, Jiangsu Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. located at Electronic Information Industrial Park, Dafeng District, Yancheng City,Jiiangsu Province, it cover area of more than 230-mu. The initial stage of construction has been completed and the factory is in operation. The company mainly produced high-end PCB such as high layer count rigid boards, and high-level HDL boards etc.

  The company introduces leading industrial equipment, such as advanced pressing machine, vacuum etching line from German, fully-automated LDI exposure machine(100%LDI) from Israeli,fully-automatic optical line inspection equipment. six-spindle head NC drilling machine and routing machine and fully-automated vertical continuous electroplating via-filling line from Taiwanese etc, as well as adopts precise layer-to-layer alignment control technologies and test process so as to ensure the product quality.

  The company also plans to build national-classed circuit board laboratory, as well as to introduce 3D laser system, blind-via detecting AOl automatic optical inspection Instruments, to adopt a large number of robotics, process-to-process connecting automation; and devotes to establishing efficient automation so as to drive towards being a domestic leading high-end PCB manufacturer.

Bomin Investment Co., Ltd.

  Bomin Investment Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company specializing in venture investment initiated and established by Bomin Electronics in August 2016. The company devotes to cultivating national industry, building national brand, promoting economic transformation and new industry development and strives to become a domestic venture investment company of power and Influence.

Bomin Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

  Bomin Technology ( Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong by Bomin Electronics in Aug 2017, mainly specialize in trade operations and consultant services. The company focused on Industrial investment, trade and provide consultant service of the PCB products and the related electronic products, striving to go forward hand in hand with partners at home and abroad, the company base itself upon domestic market and grow the overseas operations at the same time, through technology innovation, the company work on improving product quality and providing the customer with satisfactory service constantly.

Shenzhen Juntian Hengxun Technology Co., Ltd.

  Juntian Hengxun, a wholly-owned subsidiary under Bomin Electronics by means of merger and acquisition in August 2018, is an integrated customization PCBA solution provider for core electronic components. It is mainly engaged in the failure analysis customized development and sales of PCBA-related core electronic components, as well as provides technical support and after-sale service in quality control, technical guidance, process management, crisis disposition and other different sectors. Since its establishment in May, 2007, Juntian Hengxun has totally served more than 200 customers in the fields of intelligent control and power supply management, and has accumulated extensive experience in the application of electronic components and successful cases in the solution to failures. Through advanced research of new technologies, application and development of IC products as well as the introduction of overall customization plans, it provides professional service for domestic famous corporate customers.